Assume He Likes You

If you assume he likes you, you remove the fear and the anxiety that
stems from this whole “why didn’t he text me back?” conundrum. He
likes you. You know he does (or at least, you’re doing a good job
convincing yourself he does!), so what is there to worry about?
 People who assume other people like them are more likable. The
same is true for people who assume others don’t like them: if you
believe you are unlikable, people will be more likely to dislike you.
Sure, it may seem a little delusional to force yourself into believing
the other person feels the way you want them to feel, but the truth is
that we do it all the time anyway. The trouble is most people
automatically assume the worst and look for signs that point to the
outcome they don’t want. If you’re going to make any assumptions,
you may as well go with the one that serves you instead of one that
guarantees failure.

Be Complete

One of the best things you can do is make sure that you have a full
and enjoyable life. When your life is meaningful and full of friends,
fun, and fulfillment, you won’t fall into the trap of obsessing when that
next text is going to come or if he called or not; you’ll be too busy
enjoying the rest of your life.
 If you are smothering a guy with needing him to reassure you and
text you back constantly, you will drive him away. The right move in
this situation is to back off, keep your life filled with fun and exciting
options, and give him space to put in the effort and pursue you. This
isn’t being manipulative – guys actually like to pursue women (to a
point) and they appreciate having the space to do so.

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