When A Guy Vanishes Before A Great First Date

You meet a guy—maybe it’s at a bar, a coffee shop, bookstore,
wherever, and it just clicks. You talk about hanging out sometime,
swap digits, he says he’ll call…and he never does. Now you’re really
flippin’ confused. How can he dump you before taking you out on one
stinkin’ date?
 This premature vanishing act can occur for a million reasons. You
never really know with strangers; he might be married with kids or a
serial killer on the loose. He may have chickened out or maybe he
forgot about you (this is usually the case if you met at a dark bar
during the wee hours).
 You can never really know with absolute certainty why a guy never
called, but we can give you helpful pointers to up your odds and help
you become more call-able.
 The best way to pique a man’s interest is to be confident, open,
friendly, and able to hold your own in a conversation. Talk to him like
you already know him (as opposed to awkward, interview-like, stilted
bar conversation). This establishes a connection and comfort level
and reduces the risk of him chickening out on making the phone call.

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