Editing Your Document

Here are tips for working on your

Refer to the book’s instructions and
sample agreements for help.
Underlines indicate where to enter
information, frequently including bracketed
instructions. Delete the underlines
and instructions before finishing your

Signature lines should appear on a page
with at least some text from the document
Printing Out the Document
Use your word processor’s or text
editor’s Print command to print out your

Saving Your Document.

Use the “Save As” command to save and
rename your document. You will be unable
to use the “Save” command because the
files are “read-only.” If you save the file
without renaming it, the underlines that
indicate where you need to enter your
information will be lost, and you will be
unable to create a new document with this
file without recopying the original file from
the CD-ROM.

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