G. Company Facilities

DAY INTERNATIONAL, INC., presently occupies a leased facility of slightly over
1,800 square feet at a very reasonable rental. We use this for both manufacturing
and offices. We rent an additional 150 square feet of storage space nearby.

There is  noconcern for the continuation of the lease on our principal location, as it contains
three yearly options to renew at the same rate, plus a percentage increase equal to the
yearly increase in the consumer price index. The existing space is adequate to support
production of at least 400 Kinet-O-Scrolls per month. Nearby space is available for
expansion at reasonable rates when we need it. An adequate work force of assembly
workers and shipping room personnel is available.

Several additions to the corporation’s existing manufacturing equipment are
required. Assuming, however, that the Kinet-O-Scroll production rate does not exceed
400 units per month, these expenditures will not exceed $30,000. When production
increases above 400 units per month, we expect to show enough profit that a bank loan
to finance more equipment will be easy to obtain. We can supply a potential investor
with more details about these estimates upon request.

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