H. Product Development Status

Phillip Court began development work based on the Smith Patent in 2007. The idea was
to develop operational prototypes of both the Kinet-O-Scroll and Kinet-O-Scope to
prove manufacturing feasibility. After design and operation of several early prototypes
of each product, a full set of engineering drawing and parts specifications was prepared
for each in 2008. Parts were procured from suppliers and a number of units assembled.
Next, units manufactured and assembled were subjected to life testing. With some
minor modifications, an operational life of up to 4,488 hours without failure was
achieved for the Kinet-O-Scope. This compares to an expected typical homeowner’s
usage of 1,000 to 2,000 hours. We are confident from these results that with some
minor material changes, which are now in the works, and the introduction of improved
mechanical alignment techniques, which we plan to do soon, a 10,000-hour design goal
is achievable. This is our goal.

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