Using the Spreadsheets

This section concerns the spreadsheet files,
which are in Microsoft’s Excel format and
have the extension “.XLS.” For example, the
Cash Flow Forecast spreadsheet discussed
in Chapter 7 is on the file “CashFlow.
xls.” They can be opened and edited with
Microsoft’s Excel and other spreadsheet
programs that read XLS files.
The following are general instructions.
Because each spreadsheet program uses
different commands to open, format,
save, and print documents, read your
spreadsheet program’s help files for specific
instructions. Nolo’s technical support
department is unable to assist with your
spreadsheet software.
To complete a spreadsheet,
1. open the file in a spreadsheet
program that is compatible with XLS
2. fill in the needed fields;
3. print it out;
4. rename and save your revised file.

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